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26 October:

Texas Cosmology Network Meeting 2009 Begins Thursday, October 29 on the Austin Campus

Cosmologists from Texas research institutions will meet Thursday and Friday, October 29 & 30, at the AT&T Conference Center [map], on the Austin campus of The University of Texas, for the second Texas Cosmology Network Meeting. A new Cosmology program at Texas A&M was joined earlier this year by the opening of the Texas Cosmology Center in Austin. Participants from UT Dallas, Baylor, Southern Methodist University, and the University of Houston will consider four broad focus areas: the early universe (inflation), dark energy, dark matter and structure formation in the universe. The meeting is organized by the Texas Cosmology Center, which is supported by The University of Texas at Austin, the College of Natural Sciences, the Department of Astronomy, Department of Physics, and the McDonald Observatory.

26 October:

TCC received a generous gift from Rom and Pam Welborn. We wish to thank them for supporting our activities

16 March:

Texas Cosmology Center Established at The University of Texas at Austin

McDonald Observatory Press Release

6 March:

TCC website opens

7 February:

Eiichiro Komatsu gives the Great Lecture, "Frontiers in Cosmology," at the McDonald Observatory and Department of Astronomy Board of Visitors February meeting, and announces the founding of the TCC

1 January:

Texas Cosmology Center begins its operation