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6 October:

Austin, Texas based Independent Media Productions wins two awards for educational video produced for the Texas Cosmology Center, "Dark Energy: Speeding Up the Universe."

1 September:

Video on Black Holes has been produced and posted to the Video/Audio page.

8 August:

Members of TCC will visit DARK Cosmology Centre for "DEUS: Current and Future Challenges of the Dark and Early Universes" workshop from August 8 to 12. This is the first opportunity for a TCC-DARK collaboration. Also see http://dark.nbi.ku.dk/news/2011/august_is_international/.

8 April:

Aspects of Inflation to be held April 8-10
The Texas Cosmology Center (TCC) and the Mitchell Institute for Fundamental Physics and Astronomy (MIFPA) will jointly host a workshop on "Aspects of Inflation," where the participants from the University of Texas, Texas A&M University, University of Cambridge, and other places around the world will discuss the recent progress in our understanding of the physics of Cosmic Inflation.

23 March:

Video on Cosmic Inflation has been produced and posted to the Video/Audio page.